NSU Alumni Magazine Highlights The Dutkos

Michael E. Dutko and Ashley Dutko Article
Nova Southeastern University publishes “Nova Lawyer”, which recently printed an interview article with Michael E. Dutko and daughter, Ashley.

First, Michael E. Dutko became a lawyer; then his son, Michael, Jr. Then daughter Ashley. Law in the family was the focus of a recent series of articles published by “Nova Lawyer”, a news magazine printed for the legal alumni and friends of Nova Southeastern University’s Shepard Broad Law Center in Broward County. The Dutkos the focus of one of these articles.

The article focuses on the reasons behind Mr. Dutko and Miss Dutko’s decisions to go to law school and join the legal profession, the things each likes most about the law and what kind of advice they would give current law students.

The article may be downloaded here.