Florida Supreme Court Appeal Video Released

Video Highlights Show Successful Appellate Argument In This Review Of Florida’s Legal History.

Synopsis: Michael E. Dutko’s state supreme court arguments reshaped state law in 2001. On August 29, 2000, Mr. Dutko argued in the case of Florida v. Bradford. Charles Bradford is a South Florida chiropractor who had been charged with violating a state law prohibiting contact with accident victims for the purpose of filing  P.I.P. insurance claims. However, Mr. Dutko’s argument, in the appeal to the state’s highest court, was that the law, itself, violated Mr. Bradford’s rights to commercial free speech. The Supreme Court handed up its ruling in the case in May 2001.

The oral arguments lasted about 39-minutes; however, the key points of the case are presented in this 8-and-a-half minute video segment.

The PDF of the Florida Supreme Court ruling may be downloaded for your review.